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With the blessing of the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Vladimir, Association "Ukraine the Orthodox" in close cooperation with the department of Religious education, catechesis and missionary of the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church hold annual All-Ukrainian competitions of Orthodox teachers.


The idea of  competitions emerged in 2010 after a preliminary assessment of the state of religious education in Ukraine. Synod department of religious education, catechesis and missionary working in the conjunction with the NGO "Ukraine the Orthodox" according to the survey of dioceses and information from publicly available sources conducted statistical analysis of religious education and came to the conclusion that the number of Sunday schools of non-Orthodox denominations in the two times higher than the number of Sunday schools of canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. At comparable rates of growth, the proportions will probably remain significantly behind the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the number of Sunday schools.


Avoid such a course of events is possible through the dissemination of the best educational experience of individual Sunday schools throughout the country, making it easier to open new Sunday school and improve the effectiveness of teaching in the existing ones.


Therefore, the purpose of the contests - stimulating creativity of native teachers in the dissemination of best practices and the exchange of experience between the children's Sunday school, general education, pre-school and specialized institutions.


Works are accepted for the competition in both electronic and in hard copy (printed on their own authors to the printed version) and evaluated by credible competition commission, which includes representatives of the clergy, practicing Orthodox educators and psychologists.


All the winners were awarded with diplomas and monetary reward. Some of the participants have a particular diploma for contribution to the development of Sunday schools of Ukraine. The remaining participants receives participants diplomas.


More details referring the progress of the competition and their results, as well as the awarded works can be found in the relevant sections of the site (on the left menu). The beginning of the third contest will be announced - watch our news.


This year, we have begun work on a new project, dubbed the Pedagogy of Piety (, which will be the main focus of our organization for the next few years. As part of this trend in  the third Ukrainian competition for Orthodox teachers will be announced. We will certainly inform you about the contest start on our website and in the media. And now we invite you to participate in the discussion and refinement of the concept of scientific-pedagogical project "The Piety environment as a factor of holistic development of the individual in the system of education of Ukraine" (

What format of religious education for children is needed according to your oppinion?



Tuesday June 25, 2019 / June 12, 2019

2nd Week after Pentecost. Tone eight.
Apostles' (Peter & Paul) Fast. Food with Oil

Venerable Onuphrius the Great (400). Venerable Peter of Mt. Athos (734). Opening of the relics (1650) of St. Anna of Kashin (1338). Venerable Arsenius, abbot of Konevits (1447). Venerable Onuphrius, abbot of Malsk (Pskov) (1492). Venerables Bassian and Jonah, monks, of Petroma (Solovki) (1561). Venerables Onuphrius and Auxentius, monks, of Vologda (1521). Venerable Stephen of Komel, abbot of Ozersk Monastery, Vologda (1542). Venerables John, Andrew, Heraclemon, and Theophilus, hermits of Egypt (4th c.). St. John the Soldier of Egypt (6th-7th c.). Venerable Onuphrius, abbot of Katrom Monastery (Vologda) (16th c.). St. Julian of Dagouta at Constantinople (Greek). New Martyrs Onuphrius, bishop (1938), and with him: Anthony, Barsanuphius and Joseph (1937), and bishop Alexander Kharkovsky. St. Olympius, bishop and confessor who suffered in Thrace (4th c.). St. Timothy the Hermit of Egypt (4th c.). St. Cunera, virgin-martyr of Rhenen (451) (Neth.). Venerable John (Tornike) of Mt. Athos (998) (Georgia). Finding of the relics (1672) of St. John of Moscow, fool-for-Christ (1589). Synaxis of All Saints of St. Onuphrius Monastery at Jablechna (Poland). Miracle-working icons of the Theotokos (14th c.) and St. Onuphrius (14th c.) at St. Onuphrius Monastery (Poland).
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