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Our every day is filled with events and meetings . Each day, we analyze the huge flow of information , make decisions. Our lives are filled with concerns about children and parents , family, school and work , and even a number of different concerns. So we live today , because our ancestors lived and will live our descendants . In this stream of life in the way each of us is always the question : "How do the right thing ? ", " Why did this happen ? ", "What to do next ? " And many other similar questions.

The purpose of the contents of this section of the website is to help to see the Christ of our everyday life, to see Him actually standing there and ready to bear all of our problems if we just agree to open the door of our heart.

Hear the voice of Christ , the gospel , the sounding of the pages of the Gospel, to respond to the voice and follow Him with joy, as did those of a host of saints of the Orthodox Church, to help their preaching and teaching.

To see that the way to Christ is available to any person in any circumstances allow the preaching and teaching is not glorified in the face of sacred pastors and teachers, many of whom now live with us .

What format of religious education for children is needed according to your oppinion?



Tuesday September 26, 2017 / September 13, 2017

17th Week after Pentecost. Tone seven.

Forefeast of the Exaltation of the Cross. Commemoration of the Founding of the Church of the Resurrection (The Holy Sepulchre) at Jerusalem (335). Hieromartyr Cornelius the Centurion (1st c.). New Hieromartyrs Stephan, Alexander priests and Nicholas deacon (1937). Martyrs Cronides, Leontius, and Serapion of Alexandria (237). Martyr Seleucus in Scythia (320). Martyr Straton of Nicomedia (3rd c.). Martyrs Macrobius and Gordian at Tomi in Romania (320). Hieromartyr Julian of Galatia (4th c.). Martyrs Elias, Zoticus, Lucian, Valerian, Macrobius, and Gordian at Tomi in Romania (320). Venerable Peter at Atroe (9th C). Great-martyr Ketevan, queen of Kakhetia (1624) (Georgia). Venerable Cornelius of Padan-Olonets (16th c.), disciple of Venerable Alexander of Svir, and with him Venerables Dionysius and Misail Venerable Litorius, bishop of Tours (370). Venerable John of Prislop (15th-16th c.) (Romania). Venerable Basil monk of Iveron Monastery (Greek). St. Hierotheus of Kalamata, monk of Iveron Monastery, Mt. Athos (1745) (Greek).
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