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Материалы раздела составляют размышления архиепископа Антония (Михайловского), изданные по благословению Митрополита Киевского и всея Украины Владимира в г. Ростов-на-Дону в 2009 г. в виде книги «День за днём. Дневник православного священника».


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What format of religious education for children is needed according to your oppinion?



Monday February 19, 2018 / February 6, 2018

Beginning of the Great Lent. Tone four.
Great Lent. By Monastic Charter - Full abstention from food

Clean Monday. Venerable Bucolus, bishop of Smyrna (ca. 100). New Hieromartyrs Demetrius priest and Martyr Anatolius (1921). New Hieromartyr Basil priest (1930). New Hieromartyr Priest Basil Nadezhnin of Moscow, (1937). New Hieromartyr Alexanderpriest (1938). Venerables Barsanuphius the Great and John the Prophet, monks of Palestine (6th c.). St. Photius, patriarch of Constantinople (891). Virgin-martyr Dorothea, and with her Martyrs Christina and Callista, sisters, and Theophilus, at Caesarea in Cappadocia (288-300). Martyr Julian of Emesa (312). Virgin-martyr Fausta, and with her Martyrs Evilasius and Maximus, at Cyzicus (ca. 305-311). Virgin-martyrs Martha and Mary, and their brother Martyr Lycarion, in Egypt. Venerable Dorothea, schemanun of Kashin (1629). St. Mael, bishop of Ardagh, disciple of St. Patrick (488) (Celtic & British). Martyrs Faustus, Basil and Silvanus of Darion in Constantinople (Greek). Venerable John of Thebes, monk (Greek). St. James, ascetic of Syria (ca. 460). St. Vedast, bishop of Arras (540). St. Amand, apostle of Maastricht (675) (Neth.). St. Arsen of Iqalto, Georgia (1127).
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