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• Projects 2010
•    Lets present future to our children
•    Choose yourself
•    The class of morality
•    Methodological club
•    Sunday schools of the Ukraine are invited to order the "Briefcase of the Sunday school teacher"

• Projects 2011
•    Methodological club


•    For-faithfull
                                                            •    Аnalytic-materials 
                                                            •    For Orthodox Teacher

                                                            • Preschoolers
                                                            •    Presentations 
                                                            •    Programmes and methodics
                                                            •    Scripts for holidays
                                                            •    Methodical recommendations
                                                            •    Examples of craft projects in Sunday School


                                                            • Junior school age
                                                            •    Presentations
                                                            •    Programmes and methodics 
                                                            •    Scripts for holidays
                                                            •    Methodical recommendations 
                                                            •    Examples of craft projects in Sunday School
                                                            •    Coloring
                                                            •    Puzzles, crosswords, games, poetry, prose


                                                            • Secondary school age
                                                            •    Presentations
                                                            •    Programs and techniques 
                                                            •    Scripts for holidays 
                                                            •    Methodical recommendations
                                                            •    Examples of craft projects in Sunday School
                                                            •    Puzzles, crosswords, games, poetry, prose


                                                            • Senior school age
                                                            •    Presentations
                                                            •    Programs and techniques 
                                                            •    Scripts for holidays
                                                            •    Methodical recommendations


                                                            • Adults

                                                            • Clubs of interests (for children, adolescents)

                                                            • Materials of the project "Choice yourself"
                                                            •    Lection -Presentations

                                                            •    Small Easter
                                                            •    Life in Christ 
                                                            •    The orthodox view of the contemporary world

                                                            Priorities of Activities
                                                            •    Moral education of youth
                                                            •    Support and development of Orthodox Sunday schools in the Ukraine 
                                                            •    Promoting healthy lives, the family values, social responsibility 
                                                            •    Information-analytical support of activities of representatives of the Orthodox Church,

                                                            government authorities and the business community in matters of religion and moral


                                                            For Philanthropists 
                                                            •    How to help to financing
                                                            •    Direct financing of our projects
                                                            •    Free of charge service providing
                                                            •    Technique, materials, equipment for schools, and other relevant organizations

                                                            •    Contests’s programes
                                                            •    The Open Doors mechanism
                                                            •    Where to send applications

                                                           Temples and monasteries
                                                           •    Church
                                                           •    Monastery

                                                           The list of Orthodox organizations
                                                           •    Funds

                                                           Our poll

                                                           Events Calendar

                                                           About Us 
                                                           •    The principles and goals of the organization
                                                           •    Strategy



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What format of religious education for children is needed according to your oppinion?



Friday April 19, 2019 / April 6, 2019

Sixth Week of the Great Lent. Tone five.
Great Lent. By Monastic Charter: Strict Fast (Bread, Vegetables, Fruits)

St. Eutychius, patriarch of Constantinople (582). Martyrs Peter and Prokhor (1918). New Hieromartyr John priest (1934). New Hieromartyr James priest (1943). St. Sebastian, Elder of Optina and Karaganda (1966). St. Methodius, Equal-to-the-Apostles, enlightener of the Slavs (885). Venerable Platonida (Platonis) of Nisibis (308). 120 Martyrs of Persia (345). Martyrs Jeremiah and Archilias the Presbyter. Venerable Gregory of St. Athanasius monastery on Mt. Athos, instructor of St. Gregory Palamas (1308). Venerable Gregory the Sinaite (1346). 2 Martyrs from Ascalon. New Martyr Nicholas of Lesbos (1463). New Monk-martyr Gennadius of Dionysiou, Mt. Athos, who suffered at Constantinople (1818). New Martyrs Manuel, Theodore, George, Michael, and another George, of Samothrace (1835).
Монастыри и храмы УПЦ Десятинный монастырь