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With the blessing of the Head of the department of religious education, catechesis and missionary of the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Reverend Philip, Metropolitan of Poltava and Mirgorod


on a constant methodological seminar "Orthodox Pedagogy"


Pedagogy of piety - the section of pedagogy. Pedagogy of piety bases its tenets on the Orthodox ideology, therefore, understands teaching career as child lead to Christ.

Teaching Educational System "Pedagogy of piety" - a spiritual and pastoral care, teaching, institutional support to create an environment of piety, which allows to cultivate the educational system of Ukraine in order to grow up the younger generation with the Orthodox worldview and way of life.

Initiators: Parent Ukrainian movement "PTA", Ukrainian College named in honor of Sukhomlinsky № 272, School № 25 of Kyiv, Center of Spiritual and Moral education named in honor of Olga, the NGO "Ukraine the Orthodox."

Status: Pedagogical and methodological seminar.

The purpose of the seminar: the formation of the scientific center of methodological study for the establishment and implementation of a system of continuous Orthodox education in Ukraine.

Objectives of the seminar:

- Generalization of the excising experience of creating unified methodological principles of pedagogy of piety (Orthodox pedagogy);

- Initiation of the Orthodox teaching movement in Ukraine;

- Definition of the essence of the subject "pedagogy of piety": the goals, objectives, values, conceptual apparatus, portrait of a pupil, forms of work, etc.;

- Clear identification of differences of the developed alternatives to the current programs in Ukraine (our "delta");

- Selection used in teaching practice and / or the creation of a set of programs, textbooks and manuals, training courses, articles, Orthodox comments textbooks, projects, social service, spiritual and educational centers, etc. under the name of training and educational system of "Pedagogy of piety";

- The formation of a permanent library methodical seminar "Orthodox studies";

- Form a community of teachers with Orthodox ideology and applying the elements of the "Pedagogy of piety" in pedagogical practice;

- The development of a permanent intensive environment for communication and exchange of experience between the Orthodox teachers in real life and on the Internet;

- The formation of an expert group in the field of pedagogy of piety;

- Development of a mechanism of MES standardization of educational elements of the "Pedagogy of piety";

- Congregational prayer participants;

- Pastoral care of the participants;

- A holistic space of the pedagogy of piety.

Audience: teachers of pre-school, secondary and higher education, scientists, young researchers and students of pedagogical universities, colleges, seminarians and students of the faculties of spiritual missionary institutions, students of catechism courses, the clergy of the Orthodox Church.

Forms of participation:

- A personal participation in regular seminars;

- Publications in specialized educational and religious periodicals, newspaper "PTA", etc.;

- Publication in the office "methodical seminar" Orthodox Pedagogy "" on the website of NGO "Ukraine the Orthodox";

- Participation in a group in a social network;

- The completion of a permanent library of methodical seminar "Orthodox pedagogy."

The core of the participants can become co-establishers of other thematic workshops (for example, the section of the annual conference Pokrovsky readings).

Venue: Meeting room of NGO "Ukraine the Orthodox" Center of Spiritual and Moral education named in honor of Olga, other accessories classrooms, publications and exchange of views on the print and the pages of the relevant media and social networking, skype-conferences, etc.

Frequency: Meetings - quarterly (more often if needed), publications - continuously upon receipt.

Issues addressed for the seminar topics:

- The spiritual and moral foundations of pedagogy of piety;

- Theoretical and methodological basis of pedagogy of piety;

- Legal and institutional aspects of the formation and implementation of the system of continuous Orthodox education in Ukraine.


Office "methodical seminar" Orthodox pedagogy” -

NGO "Orthodox the Ukraine», e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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