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Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"

27.05 2018.

Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


У категорії "Євангельска проповідь" оновлено розділ "Мала Пасха", "Тижневик"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


B категории "Евангельская проповедь" обновлен раздел "Малая Пасха", "Еженедельник"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


Section "Evangelical preaching" is updated "Little Easter", "Weekly"


From 28 May to 17 June, in the village Glebovka of Kiev region Orthodox children's camp was functioning


Forty children between the 7 and 15 years old of inchurched families were divided into were three groups according to the age. Outdoor games in the forest and near the lake, theatrical productions, evenings near the fire combined with the daily morning and evening prayer, visits of the temple of worship on Sundays were the key activities of the camp.

By the staff of NGO "Ukraine the Orthodox" for children living in the camp were organized:




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We magnify Thee, Christ, the giver of life and honor of thy Holy Spirit, whom thou hast sent from the Father of Thy divine disciples.

The team  of "Ukraine the Orthodox" warmly congratulates everyone with the Holy Holiday of Pentecost, the Day of the Holy Trinity.

During these holidays we do not just remember the the Holy Gospel event of descent of the Spirit upon the Apostles, we are imbued with awe and gratitude to God, established in the earth the Church of Christ. In the Church, its sacraments, we actually obtain the priceless gifts of the Holy Spirit, communion with God, deification, purification and salvation of the soul.

Let "Divine Grace, which always heals infirmities, and compensates for the deficiency " heal our spiritual and bodily infirmities, perform our souls the joy of the Lord, save our country in the peace and prosperity, bestow health and long life to our family and friends!

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St. Princess Olga Spiritual and educational center of the Kyiv school №25 has prepared a progress report for the 2011-2012 academic year

To download the material, click here.

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At the request of students in the school number 25 during the summer vacations the "School of courage", a sport section of close-combat, will continue its activities at the premises of the forest park Syrets

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An agreement on cooperation was signed between Kyiv Theological Academy  and the Classical private university of Zaporizhzhya


Rector Archbishop Anthony of Boryspil and vice-rector, Archimandrite Clement, represented Theological academy,  while vice-rector prof. A. Merzlyakov, and the head of the Theology department Fr Igor Ryabko acted on behalf the Classical Private university. 
As we noted earlier the Classical Private University of Zaporizhzhya was licensed by the Ministry of Education to train and certify Bachelors of Theology. The admission for this specialization, new for Ukraine, will begin with the academic year of 2012-2013.





Kiev Theological Academy will participate in the preparation of these professionals by providing the university with the methodological, informational, and HR support. The agreement also makes provisions for cooperation in research and publishing activities. The project is carried out with the blessing and direct participation of the Archbishop of Zaporizhzhya and Melitopol Luka, assisted by the rector of the  Classical private university Viktor Nikolaevich Ogarenko.

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Theology has become a profession in Ukraine


On May 11, 2012 a truly revolutinary event took place in Ukraine. Ukrainian Ministry of Education for the first time in its history has issued a license for the right to train and certify theologians. It is now possible for the people to whom theology represents both their meaning of life and their profession,  to obtain the state diploma. The Classical Private University of Zaporozhye has become the first institution to receive the right to prepare orthodox theologians. Archpriest Igor Ryabko, the Head of the Department of Theology of CPU, has provided his comments on this event.

To view the material, click here.




The Classical Private University of Zaporozhye opens the call

 for admissions to the department 6.020301 "Theology" (Orthodox Theology)  for

the 2012/13 academic year

Duration of studies - 4 years (full-time; distance learning option available)


Applicants have the opportunity to receive basic higher education with qualification of Bachelor of Theology (Orthodox theology), a professional in the sphere of religion.

To view the full information, click here.


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Happy Ascension Day!


The team of "Ukraine the Orthodox" congratulates everyone on the day of the Ascension of Jesus!

Thou hast ascended in glory O Christ our God, bringing joy to Thy disciples, for Thou didst reassure them through Thy blessing, of the promise of the Holy Spirit, for Thou art the Son of God, the Redeemer of the world. 

Troparion of the Ascension

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On May 18 the young pupils of the Kyiv secondary school № 236 celebrated their "Last school-bell" holiday

The bell rang for 38 graduates of the elementary school, marking the end of their school childhood and the beginning of youth. The celebration was attended by a member "Ukraine the Orthodox”, Rev. Andrei Kudriavtsev.








Father Andrei performed a service together with students, their parents, teachers, and school leadership, praying and thanking God for the successful completion of the first stage of schooling.









He then addressed the audience with the Pastoral words, wishing the students further success in their endeavors, but most importantly – love to God and their neighbours. At the end, students and teaching staff of the school were presented with the icons of the Pokrova of the Mother of God as a pledge of Her heavenly intercession.

The team of "Ukraine the Orthodox" congratulates all pupils of Ukraine with the end of the school year, hopes next year brings them many accomplishments in their studies, and wishes successful admission to all university-entrants.

Grace be with you, mercy, and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, in truth and love. [2Ioan.1: 3]

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On May 8  St Princess Olga Spiritual and educational center hosted a sport competition in aircraft modeling, attended by students of the center, pupils of Kyiv school № 25, parents, and teachers.


The head of the Aircraft modeling club, Dmitry Lazarev, welcomed everyone and   presented the assessment criteria for participants.











Each participant gave his or her aircraft model to the jury for familiarization, and after this was completed - all competitors launched their models, five times each.







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Happy Victory Day!


The team of "Ukraine the Orthodox" greets all veterans of Great Patriotic War, children of war and all compatriots on the Day of Victory over fascism!

Eternal memory to the fallen, glory to those living!

May God save us and our children from the horrors of war!

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On April 29, 2012 the leader of the "School of courage" of St Princess Olga Spiritual and educational center of the Orthodox culture, functioning at the of Kiev school № 25, held a seminar on martial arts and hand-to-hand fighting.

The seminar took place at a sports playground in Syrets park, built by the pro-active residents of the neighborhood.











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What format of religious education for children is needed according to your oppinion?



Wednesday July 18, 2018 / July 5, 2018

8th Week after Pentecost. Tone six.
Fast. Food with Oil

Venerable Athanasius of Mt. Athos (1003) and his six disciples. Uncovering of the relics (1422) of Venerable Sergius of Radonezh (1392). New Hieromartyr Gennadius priest, Martyrdom of St. Elizabeth Romanov and Nun Barbara (1918). Venerable Agapitus, confessor (1936). Martyr Anna at Rome (304). Martyr Cyrilla of Cyrene in Libya, a widow . Venerable Lampadus, monk, of Hirenopolis (10th c.). Icon of the Mother of God "Economissa". New Martyr Cyprian of Koutloumousiou Monastery, Mt. Athos (1679) (Greek). New Martyrs Grand Dukes Sergius Mikhailovitch, Princes John Constantinovich, Constantine, Igor Constantinovich and Vladimir. St. Morwenna, patroness of Morwenstow (England) (6th c.) (Celtic & British). Synaxis of 23 Saints of Lesbos (Greek). Hieromartyr Stephen, bishop of Rhegium, disciple of the Apostle Paul, and with him Bishop Suerus and the women Agnes, Felicitas, and Perpetua (1st c.). Martyr Athanasius, deacon of Jerusalem (451).
Монастыри и храмы УПЦ Десятинный монастырь